My name is France Tanguay, I have a Master's degree in archeology from Laval University in Quebec. I have worked in several fields throughout my life.  I have been a massage therapist in Quebec for several years. I have attended many personal growth workshops and read many books on the subject because I have had a lot of personal issues to deal with. I also took a coach training in 2012 at Fowler Wainwright International. Several years ago my life was in chaos. I had lost everything in all areas, love, work, friendships. I got to know the Law of Attraction and things started to get better for me.

I created the site Boutique Bien-Etre which presents ebooks at good prices on different subjects but especially on personal development. Books on spirituality have helped me make sense of my life. The ones on Health and Wellness taught me to take better care of myself and understand others more. Those on other subjects also brought me a lot.

For the past few years, I have dedicated myself to the Law of Attraction. I coached for 30 years in a travel agency where I took care of travel managers in various associations. Now, I offer Law of Attraction coaching products and email coaching. I wrote the ebook: 5 Steps to make the Law of Attraction work and I put together a Coaching in 5 videos on the Law of Attraction. After having experienced myself the effectiveness of the principles of this law, I like to help people achieve their life goals, especially in the financial field.

I continue to work with the Law of Attraction every day for all aspects of my life. It keeps me more positive and optimistic.