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The Law of Attraction is one of the laws of the Universe.  Some people say that the Universe has 14 laws: 1) the law of vibration 2) the law of attraction 3) the law of action 4) the law of gestation, 5) the law of cause and effect (law of karma), 6) the law of compensation, 7) the law of transmutation of energy, 8) the law of gender, 9) the law of polarity, 10) the law of rhythm, 11) the law of relativity, 12) the law of correspondence, 13) the law of belief and 14) the law of unity. We will be working here with the Law of Attraction because anyway, I am not familiar with the others. I am listing them for you so that you can search for information on other laws if you wish, but you will find that you will already have a lot to do with the Law of Attraction. 46 pages

If you’ve never used the Law of Attraction  before, you might wonder what it is, why so many people believe it is true, and how you can use it to your benefit.
Fortunately for you, this book is designed to answer each of these questions; and to provide you with a wealth of practical examples that you can put to use immediately.
30 pages

You are always unhappy with all the negative thoughts in your mind. Do you always think that nothing worthwhile can happen to you? You will not achieve what you desire. “You cannot accumulate sufficient wealth” “You cannot own a luxurious house”.
How often do you say this to yourself?
Achievement of success depends on the boundaries you set in your mind. Your perception on the kind of life you want to lead can be actuated by your mind. The faith you have in yourself will lead you to success.
Your belief, that you cannot earn more than what you actually do will discourage you. You have set a financial limitation for yourself.

39 pages

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There are many people who wonder whether a person who believes in the Law of Attraction can achieve everything her heart desires. The dilemma arises because of the belief that things do not come easy in life. Hence, logically even many open minded people find it difficult to believe in the Law of Attraction. Many people find it logically difficult to believe the Law of Attraction even if they want to believe that they can have everything they want just by thinking about their ambitions, hopes and dreams.
Many open minded people after believing for years that things do not come easy in any individual's life reach a point that they find it extremely hard to believe that they can achieve all that the desire by simply using the Law of Attraction. But when provided scientific evidence that supports the Law of Attraction many people have come to believe the power of this principle. 
35 pages