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My name is France Tanguay and I am a life coach. I have been working with the Law of Attraction for several years. I love helping people achieve their goals. I love working with  people who have new goals and new projects.

Do you want to be more successfull financially ?

Do you want to have the life you always dreamed of?

Who does not want to have a better life?. We all want to improve our life. We all know that we can always do better. Some would like to become millionaires, others just want a more comfortable life. What is important is that you learn how to use the right methods to achieve your goals. It was because I learnt the principles of the Law of Attraction that I was able to get out of thousands of dollars in debt and make a comfortable life. This site aims to share with you the most effective ways to work with the Law of Attraction in order to attract more prosperity into your life.

I have  experienced it every day since I have known this immutable law of the Universe. This law has always existed since the whole Universe is only vibrations.

Coaching Prosperity brings you easy to use and easy to understand coaching products. You can also find email coaching options if you need a boost or if you get stuck in applying the Law of Attraction.